Friday, 9 October 2009

Where have all the good bloggers gone?

Before starting this blog, it had been somewhere between 18 months to 2 years since I actively read any sort of blog at all.

Back then there was an abundance of quality blogs that gave humorous commentary on current events and random observations in general. Good stuff worth reading.

Now I'm back in the blog-o-sphere (does anyone even call it that any more?), I've struggled to find anything of note. I've found old blogs where the author signs off for the last time and wanders in to the sunset, and blogs that just seem to suddenly stop in their prime as if the author just died right there at their keyboard (not to mention all the standard 'this page does not exist' messages when looking for blogs I used to read).

What seems to have replaced them are big corporate style blogs from news networks and sports channels,  entertainment show and celebrity blogs where we all must flock because we want to feel like X's closest friend. Even political parties are in on it. Then there's a million and one technical blogs telling you how to send an email and open a browser - duh! if they're reading your blog I'm guessing your reader will know how to do that (blitheringidiotwhohasmoretimethansense says what).

I don't want all that polished, shiny corporate crap that cost $1 million and 20 talented web designers to create. If I want any of the information those blogs offer, I'll just go to the appropriate web site where they have it all anyway. Why have both a standard web site and a blog that publishes the same crap? All I want is some standard blog by a guy/girl who has something funny to say about whatever they observed in their normal, average, everyday life.

Maybe the good bloggers are still out there, but they're being drowned out by all the polished white noise. Someone call International Rescue! We need to save them before they give up.

Or maybe blogging has become so passée. Now we have sit-on-my-facebook and twitter. Why should we write paragraphs of text when the technology interwebnet Gods state we must communicate in 140 characters and no more?

Am I actually part of a dying art (all of a sudden I feel old)?

Anyway, I shall continue with this blog and force it up to the surface and hold the heads of the ESPN, Paris Hilton, NBA, Conservative Party, Labour Party, Democrat, Republican, Premier League, IT Pro under water and laugh as they come up gasping for air.

Rant over!


The Random Within


  1. Stick with me then - four and a half years and still going. No ads, no money.

  2. I like your style :)

    I think you've hit the nail on the head there with the ads and money. I've stumbled across lots of blogs telling people they can make a ton on money by blogging. SEO blogging I think it's called.

    As with anything like that, people jump into it thinking "free money for opening a blogger account".

    Now, don't get me wrong. If like yourself you've grown your blog for over 4 years, and you've built up a following, I think you're entitled to put a few subtle adds in there for all the effort you've put in.

    But to start a blog from day one, plastered with adds and no useful content.... well, let's just say that's not for me.