Saturday, 17 October 2009

How Authentic?

10 or so years ago I noticed these authentic French/German travelling markets appearing every now and then, usually around Christmas.

They were nice and authentic, all sellers were from the named country and what was on sale was usually traditional and decorative, or good wholesome food from that country - yum!

More, and more of late these authentic foreign markets have been popping up everywhere, and not just around Christmas, and frankly, they are taking the piss calling themselves authentic.

The case in point is the "authentic traditional French market' that I stumbled across in town today. I went over and had a look. Now, I'm not French, so what do I really know about what is traditionally French, but I'm pretty sure that cheap plastic toys, second hand books (printed in English), paintings of the lake district, knitted hats, and knock off watches and jewellery etc.. do not fall into that category. Oh, and all the stalls seemed to be staffed by English people.

Anyway, after being more than a little disappointed by what made up that particular market, underneath several large French tricolours fluttering in the wind I spotted a food stall selling traditional French food, including massive pancakes! Well, it wasn't anywhere near lunchtime and I was still quite full from breakfast, but there's always room for pancakes!

So, spotting the opportunity to practice my French, I strode up to the counter:

"Une crêpe au citron et le sucre s'il vous plaît", I said with confidence.

A puzzled look was returned by the stocky man behind the counter, and I stood there looking a little embarrassed and thinking my French must need a great deal of practice.

After a few seconds he said, "I don't understand, could you speak English", in a traditional Scottish accent!

Authentic, traditional French market? Connerie!


The Random Within


  1. I once had a beer at a Russian market, tasted like shit so I guess it was authentic.

  2. LOL.

    As long as it didn't look like shit, because if it looks AND tastes like something.....