Saturday, 10 October 2009

Cynical Entertainment Round-up

Need to make money? Sell a sob story:

A few days ago it was 'leaked' that Robbie Williams was in a recording studio with the rest of Take That.

Then we get a big tabloid news story about how he can relate to Michael Jackson as he himself was seemingly an hour away from death through prescription drugs.

Then he does a master class on X Factor.

Then something in the news about wanting children.

He must have a new album coming out soon. I could google to find out but I can't be bothered.

Amy Winehouse:

Has set up her own record label to 'put her pals in the spotlight'.

Or could it be for herself as no other record label will touch her with a barge pole given her past form. Fisticuffs at Glastonbury was one of my favourites. 

Some things should be left as they were:

It seems the National Lampoons Vacation run of films is going to be 'rebooted'. Some things are from an era that should be left alone. Don't get me wrong; I remember the films and liked them. I can still picture the scene of the Griswalds sitting in the car with Clark loosing it saying something like "We're ten f&$king miles from the f&$king fun park", and laughing my ass off (rude words were amusing to me back then).

Anyway, it will pick up the family with a fully grown Rusty, who was sensible if I remember correctly, so I guess they'll have to mess with the character to bring in the National Lampoons slap stick.

What next? Police Academy Rebooted *shiver*

Simpsons 2:

For some reason Matt Groening had to announce he has no plans for a follow up Simpsons feature film.

All I can say is "phew!", but something tells me that if he had to announce it, it must be in the works and he wonders why nobody is discussing it. Drumming up his own PR if you ask me. 

And Finally:

Ozzy Osbourne wants Johnny Depp to play him in a movie about his life. Nothing cynical about that line really, it just made me smile. Feel free to add your own cynical slant. 


The Random Within


  1. Funniest scene in the Vacation movies? Dead granny on the roof of the car. Done just as well in Little Miss Sunshine, Weekend at Bernies etc

  2. You're absolutely right.

    There's also the one where he dives in the pool and starts screaming :)

    Actually, I'm tempted to watch it tonight.