Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Tagged: A musical Exercise

I don't usually go in for these blog thinggies where you get 'tagged' to do a task, but this one sounded like a challenge.

By reading this you are also tagged, and you must answer all the questions below using song names from one artist/group. You are not allowed to use the artist/group I have chosen.

Post a blog link to your attempt in the comments section.

Pick your artist: Dire Straits

Are you a male or a female? Calling Elvis
Describe yourself: Solid Rock
How do you feel? So Far Away
Describe where you currently live: Telegraph Road
If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Tunnel of Love
Your favourite form of transportation? Single-Handed Sailor (boat?)
Your best friend is? Lady Writer
What's the weather like? It Never Rains
Favourite time of the day? My Parties
If your life was a TV show, what would it be called? Private Investigations
What is life to you? Once Upon A Time In The West
Your fear? Walk Of Life
What advice is the best advice you have to give? Love Over Gold
Thought for the day? The Man's Too Strong
How would you like to die? Twisting By The Pool
My soul's current condition? Fade To Black
My motto? Why Worry

Okay, there you go.

Now it's your turn.


The Ransom Within

PS I've found posting every day is hard work. I may switch to every other day if I find it tough to keep up this pace.


  1. Posting every day? You're not wrong. I've resorted to writing absolute crap that my cult-like following lap up. More grape Kool-Aid, anyone?
    And my list, for I am the challenger, follow link to my blog, which is coincidentally the same colour scheme.

  2. I saw it on your blog first and thought I'd have a go.

    It was harder than I thought :)

  3. Agree about posting. Twitter or similar is good as a 'top up' I find. I tend to do a new post every week (or so).
    And here's my list:

  4. Hi Colin,

    I tried to comment on your blog but wasn't allowed because of my works stupid bloody proxy server! The thing causes more problems than it solves.

    I'll try again from home tonight.

  5. Git: